The Tape

We are pleased to introduce our latest product!

The Tape is another of our exclusive fibers, but what is it?

This new fiber is 100% natural, manily made from 100% cotton.

These skeins are full of qualities that make them unique and will give your creations an exclusive touch.

Every skein of The Tape is made from 100% recycled cotton; with each skein used you are doing your part to make a better and more sustainable world.

The Tape is a very versatile fiber which will allow you to make incredible projects that you can throw in the washing machine. They are very resistant and will make your projects something personal and special.

You can create decorative items for your home and for your friends, we have 11 set colors available, if you run out of yarn before finishing your project, don’t worry, you can get more.

The Tape will give your projects a modern, yet timeless appeal, your projects will last a long time and always look good, just worry about what color you want and start enjoying working with this recycled fiber.

What do you need to work with The Tape?

Very easy, decide what you want to make, get your hands on some size 8 mm knitting needles or a size 7 mm crochet hook, set aside some time for you, and start to create!

This fiber is fantastic for beginning to knit, you’ll see how easily it glides along your needles and how easy it is to create with The Tape, you’ll see your progress little by little, and it’s ecological to boot!

Don’t think twice, don’t wait any longer. Click here, see our colors, choose your favorite, and start your project!